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Four Spring Easter Flowers To Brighten Your Home

Occasions Written by: Arbour blooms Posted on: 03/03/2024

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s little surprise that spring Easter flowers symbolise rebirth. Mother Nature awakens from her winter slumber and delights us all with an abundance of colourful, fragrant blooms. From flowers and plants to birds and bees – this is a time for new life.

It’s wonderful to bring that outside charm into the home, and Easter flowers are the perfect way to do so. Blooming in spring, they are full of colour, happiness and – depending on the petal – fresh fragrance. Why bother with a spring clean when a bouquet of flowers can have the same cleansing, refreshing effect?! 

As local florists, it is certainly our favourite time of the year and a great opportunity to have plenty of fun with floral design. Here we share some of the most popular blooms for fresh-cut Easter floral arrangements. So if you’re thinking about Easter flower arrangements that will add instant seasonal joy to your home, here are some ideas

What are Easter flowers?

So, what are traditional Easter flowers? It’s a question customers often ask this time of year. We explore some of the most popular petals, all of which are available in stunning floral arrangements hand-made by our talented local florists. 


Lily Casket Spray Pink 1

Easter lilies

If you’re asking what is the flower of Easter, this might well be the answer over and above all others. Shaped like little trumpets, lilies certainly herald the arrival of spring! Mentioned in the Bible’s New and Old Testament, Christians closely associate this flower with Jesus Christ.

Some accounts suggest the white lily first formed from Jesus’s sweat hitting the ground shortly before his death. Others suggest the flower was growing in gardens where he prayed on the Eve of his crucifixion.

We do know with certainty that lilies bloom this time of year. White lilies symbolise rebirth and purity and there is no question they look exquisite as Easter flower arrangements!

Tulip Posy 1


We began with the most traditional Easter flower, so let’s now move onto the most prolific. 

The Netherlands is the garden bowl of the world, and tulips are its number one flower. Some reports suggest this small European nation produces more than 3 billion bulbs a year! 

Why are tulips associated with Easter? Tulips begin to bloom in spring, with many suggesting their elegant shape resembles small Easter eggs. With the mind-boggling variety of petal colours and textures now available, they certainly make for an incredible assortment of Easter flower displays!



It would be remiss to talk about this time of year and not mention the national flower of Wales. Some of the earliest spring flowers to bloom each year, daffodils have a strong rebirth connotation, often popping up out of nowhere from dry ground to cast spectacular sunshine yellow across the landscape. Readily available throughout Ireland and the UK, daffodils make the perfect, bright and happy Easter flower arrangements for table centrepieces.

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Bunny rabbits and daisies go hand-in-hand with seasonal cuteness overload, don’t they? Also associated with the passion of Christ, daisies are the perfect addition to an Easter basket of flowers. 

Easter flower centrepieces

Whatever flowers you select, they’re sure to be full of spring colour and joy for your home. Do you celebrate Easter with a special family meal? Why not deconstruct a flower bouquet and create stunning Easter flower centrepieces for the special event? Sprinkle Easter eggs and perhaps some little bunny toys throughout, and you will have quite a talking point to get the dinner conversation started!

Why are flowers a symbol of Easter?

There are various reasons why flowers symbolise Easter, and in some cases, it depends on the specific flower. Being a sign of new life, resurrection, purity, joy and renewal are all valid reasons. In the Northern Hemisphere, Easter coincides with Spring, which amplifies these meanings even more. 

Easter flower bouquets

This season, rely on our talented florists to create the most beautiful Easter flowers for your home. Not only do we have the most exquisite hand-tied bouquets but we also offer Easter chocolate treats. Easter chocolate treats. Our special Easter flower bundle includes your favourite blooms plus delectable chocolates from the famous Belgium chocolaterie, Maison Fougère.

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We make Easter flower delivery a breeze. Simply place your order online and select either same-day or next-day delivery. Our busy bunny will take care of your online flowers and chocolates delivery. Just be sure to get your order in before 11 pm for same-day and 4 pm for next-day service. We deliver Easter flowers Ireland-wide, across the UK and indeed, the world. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed discovering a little more about popular traditional Easter flowers. All the team here at Arbour Blooms wishes you a lovely spring and summer ahead. If we can help you with any of your flower orders, please just reach out to us! 

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