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Celebrating International Women’s Day

When Daniela was a young girl growing up in Slovakia, International Women’s Day was (and still is) a joyous celebration. She remembers her dad would come home offering flowers to her mother, sisters and her. Daniela and her siblings would go to school with blooms for their female teacher. Back then, Slovakia was still a...

Best Flowers For Mother’s Day

Those biscuits are for visitors. Anyone would think you were born in a barn. If you fall and break your legs, don’t come running to me! What time do you call this? What part of NO, do you not understand? I’ll light a candle for you. These and many, many other sayings can be linked...

Valentine’s Day Flowers – Everything You Need to Know

February is, of course, the month of love. Cupids around the world rise up with their metaphorical bow and arrow and take aim. Depending on the relationship and the personalities involved, lovers will either hint, declare or shout to the rooftops their feelings. Whether you prefer a subtle suggestion or an unmistakable, big, bold gesture,...

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