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Celebrating International Women’s Day

Occasions Written by: Arbour blooms Posted on: 02/03/2023

When Daniela was a young girl growing up in Slovakia, International Women’s Day was (and still is) a joyous celebration.

She remembers her dad would come home offering flowers to her mother, sisters and her. Daniela and her siblings would go to school with blooms for their female teacher. Back then, Slovakia was still a communist country, so it was rare to have access to anything other than carnations and gerberas. But it didn’t matter – it was the thought that counted. It was (and remains!) an opportunity to thank and show love and appreciation for women in their lives.

Daniela still enjoys celebrating the event these days, but she realises it is not quite as big here in Ireland as in Eastern Europe. However, Daniela believes things are starting to change and wonders if it has something to do with the Eastern European diaspora embracing and sharing cultural interests.

Indeed, as a florist working for Arbour Blooms, Daniela has noticed an increase in enquiries.

What are the most popular International Women’s Day flowers?

The worldwide celebration takes place on 8 March 2023. Such timing is perfect for the Northern Hemisphere, given it coincides with early Spring and an abundance of just-new blooms. It means Arbour Bloom customers have plenty of choices. This is particularly good for those who know they want to give a gift to a remarkable woman in their life but are not quite sure what that gift should be.

When it comes to flowers for International Women’s Day, Daniela would recommend a tulip posy or daffodils, which are spectacular this time of year. Given the colour for the day is purple, irises can also be a symbolic and beautiful gesture. Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised carnations did not make her list…? If you’re celebrating women’s day at work or anywhere else, hopefully, these ideas might help!

About our florist Daniela

Daniela joined the Arbour Blooms team three years ago after studying floristry and undertaking work experience for the business. She is still learning and loves observing her colleagues, following inspiring creatives on social media, dedicating herself fully to each floral bouquet and doing the best possible work for every customer.

Before joining Arbour, Daniela had finished her floristry course and was looking for work. She would purchase flowers for herself and then take them home, undoing the bunches and reassembling them over and over again to practice, practice, practice. These days, she takes home a fresh bunch every week to simply enjoy.

Daniela has started to work a little with Arbour Bloom’s specialist wedding flowers team and really enjoys it. She says one of the best things about work is her colleagues – it’s great craic amongst the women, and every day there is laughter. Daniela comes to work happy, and she stays happy. But perhaps what she enjoys most is thinking about the customers receiving her bouquets. Daniela puts in so much effort. Knowing they will be pleased when they receive their flowers makes her feel good.

Her favourite flower is more of a filler; at least, that’s what the industry calls the wax flower. In terms of ‘proper’ blooms, Daniela doesn’t have a favourite. They are all beautiful.

Contact us about International Women’s Day unique gift ideas

Are you looking for ways to celebrate International Women’s Day at work or home? Contact our friendly customer service team and see what suggestions they have, or order flowers online and arrange a flower delivery.

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