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Flowers For Funerals – a Helpful Guide

Uncategorised Written by: Arbour blooms Posted on: 27/06/2024

If you’re reading this and need to organise funeral flowers in Dublin, you’re likely going through a difficult time, and for that, we extend our deepest sympathies. 

It can be incredibly difficult to say farewell to a loved one, a respected member of the community, a peer, or someone to whom you simply want to pay your respects. Who that person is and their proximity to you will affect your level of involvement in the ceremony. Regardless, flowers are likely to play a key part in expressing your sympathy. 

Our talented team of florists has decades of experience creating beautiful funeral flower arrangements. They have compiled this helpful guide to share all the information and advice you might need to select appropriate flowers for a funeral.

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Types of Flower Arrangements for a Funeral Service

Typically, there are five types of flowers for a funeral service.

Classic Posy Yellow And White 1000x905

Funeral Floral Posies

Lily And Iris Teardrop Spray Lemon And Blue 1000x851

A funeral posy is a traditional way to show your respect no matter your place in the funeral party. Whether you’re farewelling a close family member or a distant work colleague, this is the kind of appropriate flower bouquet for a funeral irrespective of the circumstances or people.

Funeral Wreaths

Rose And Eryngium Casket Spray

Funeral wreaths, often referred to as sympathy flowers, are a thoughtful way to pay your respects to next of kin as soon as you hear the news and before a funeral is arranged. We also receive many orders for funeral wreaths to mark the anniversary of someone’s passing.

Funeral Sprays 

Classic Wreath Yellow And Cream 1000x851

Funeral sprays tend to be larger floral arrangements that adorn the altar area. Close family members and friends might collectively arrange a funeral spray. Equally, clubs or organisations connected to the deceased will often order this kind of larger arrangement, which looks stunning as church flowers for a funeral. 

Casket Spray Flowers

Casket sprays are traditionally arranged by next-of-kin and those closest to the deceased. They really do set the tone visually and are often a strong symbol of and connection to the person who has passed away. Our florists can work closely with you to arrange highly personal additions to your casket spray, such as a sporting jersey or significant memento.


Design Your Own Floral Arrangements – Bespoke Service

If you are not a close friend or family member of the bereaved, the above provides respectable funeral etiquette for you to consider. However, provided gestures are respectful; there really are no rules. If you want to reinvent the wheel and organise some quite different funeral flowers, we’re here to help.

Types of Flowers Suitable For a Funeral

The best flowers for a funeral are those that resonate with you and that you know the deceased would like. That said, the following are the most popular funeral flower orders we receive.

Lily Casket Spray Mixed Colours 1


The Lily symbolises purity and innocence. It is a popular flower for funerals and is appropriate for many cultures. It works beautifully across most arrangements, and the different colours provide plenty of choice.

Carnation And Germini Teardrop Spray Red


The Carnation symbolises love, admiration and remembrance and is another species widely accepted across many cultural backgrounds. It is also one of the most cost-effective blooms and is available year-round.

Img 4572


The Chrysanthemum can have many different meanings, depending on the culture. It is typically symbolic of grief, honour, respect, and eternal life. Asian funerals almost always select Chrysanthemums as the dominant funeral flower. This hardy flower will last quite some time.

Rose And Carnation Casket Spray Red 1


The rose signifies love and respect and is a popular flower for expressing bereavement. Resilient and long-lasting, it will maintain its freshness for some time. The infinite choice of rose colours means this flower will complement any other bouquets. 

Siwht3 (alt)


Over the years, we’ve noticed the hydrangea becoming an increasingly popular bloom for funerals. This flower symbolises heartfelt emotion. Its delicate yet generously proportioned heads lend a very dignified, elegant touch to proceedings.

How To Order Flowers For a Funeral

The best place to order funeral flowers is the Arbour Blooms website. Please contact our team with the date of the funeral so we can discuss it with you.

What Colour Flowers For a Funeral?

Any colour will be appropriate as once all these flowers are together, they will look incredible. However, contact the Funeral Director beforehand to ensure there is no special colour theme request.

We’re here to arrange the perfect flowers for funerals, no matter what your needs. Contact our thoughtful, respectful team today.

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