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The Five Best Flowers For a Birthday Gift

Occasions Written by: Arbour blooms Posted on: 19/06/2024

There’s nothing like a stunning bunch of blooms to send happy birthday greetings to anyone. Whether it’s a close family member or friend, a work colleague, the kid’s teacher, or someone you admire, everyone loves flowers as a birthday gift.  

But what are the perfect petals for passing on your well wishes? Which bouquets express the best without delivering a double meaning? We explore the art of giving birthday flowers and recommend great ideas to mark the occasion beautifully.

The Best Type of Flowers For Birthday Gift

Rose And Carnation Casket Spray Pink 1


Perhaps the ultimate flower for happy birthday and, in fact, any occasion? 

This really is the most stunning all-rounder! Available throughout the year, roses come in an abundance of colours. Symbolising love, beauty, respect and courage, they are especially appropriate for a loved family member or friend. 

However, as much as we all adore the revered rose, they’re not ideal for every person’s birthday. Indeed, avoid roses if you want good flowers for birthday gifts without the love connotations! Just to play it safe…

Tulip Posy


Also available year-round is the elegant and graceful tulip. 

Symbolising renewal, love, cheerfulness and more, it’s a flower that carries many meanings. Again, these are the best birthday flowers for people with whom you have a close relationship and are comfortable expressing your emotions in their presence.

Lily Casket Spray Mixed Colours 1


Another spectacular bloom available throughout the year, lilies are a safe bet for gifting to almost anyone. 

Symbolising purity, innocence, beauty and renewal, these striking-looking flowers will make a big impact. However, if the lucky birthday recipient owns a cat, you’ll need to consider an alternative bloom, as these are highly toxic to our feline friends.

Rose, Orchid And Anthurium Casket Spray 1


If you’re looking for a birthday gift for someone with everything, orchids are your answer. 

Symbolising luxury, refinement and elegance, this is the kind of flower that suggests the birthday recipient appreciates the best of the best.

Woodland Posy 1


If ever there was a happy-go-lucky flower that’s just perfect for everyone, surely this is it? 

If you don’t know someone so well or want to be sure your present doesn’t carry double meaning, sunflowers are the best flowers for a birthday gift. Full of positivity, joy and happiness, they’ll be perfect for anyone – from your boss to your beauty therapist!

tray of lovely seasonal blooms

Why Good Birthday Flowers Make Unbeatable Gift Ideas

Very few birthday presents offer as many benefits as a beautiful bouquet of blooms. Here’s why you can’t go wrong when you say happy birthday with flowers.

  • Personalisation is easy with blooms
    There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to birthday flowers. Select from a collection of glorious bouquets or speak to our talented florists about creating your very own design that best reflects the lucky person.
  • Receiving flowers never gets old
    It’s true, we see it all the time. No matter how often someone receives a bouquet, it’s always as if they’re experiencing it for the very first time. The instant joy and delight that lights up their eyes is something we wish we could bottle.
  • Flowers are universally loved
    You can send flowers to anyone anywhere and they’ll be suitable. Sure, there are some cultural nuances but all backgrounds appreciate and value flowers, it just depends on the type of bloom and the occasion. Speak to our florists if you’d like a second opinion.
  • Flowers are good for you
    Have you heard of biophilia? It’s the positive effects that occur in people when they better connect with nature. We don’t need fancy words to prove to us that flowers increase the feel-good vibes and release all those healthy chemicals within. We see it every time we make a delivery!
  • Flowers are the gift that keeps giving
    When the partying is over and done with, and everyone gets back to reality, that gorgeous bouquet will still be thriving, making the birthday boy or girl happy for days to come.
  • Sending flowers for birthday gifts is easy
    Jump online, place an order, fill out the address details and click; your gift is all taken care of! Few presents are so easy to organise (especially if you need them delivered – read more below).
Flower Delivery

We Make It Easy To Send Flowers For Birthday Surprises

Sending birthday flowers is a breeze. Here at Arbour Blooms, we make it easy for you to find the perfect bouquet, purchase it and organise delivery. 
We can organise same-day flower delivery to Dublin and many parts of Ireland provided you book before 1 pm Mondays to Fridays and before 10 am on Saturdays. Place your orders by 4 pm for next-day deliveries.

Why Arbour Blooms Creates The Best Birthday Flower Gifts

There are many reasons customers come to Arbour Blooms for birthday flower deliveries.

  • We love flowers and are committed to providing the very best blooms for our customers. 
  • Our local florists are passionate about creating the most stunning bouquets, wreaths and floral arrangements.  
  • We have our own fresh eucalyptus farms in Ireland and use the foliage as stunning-looking (and smelling!) additions to our arrangements.  
  • We’ve been working in the florist industry for more than 20 years.  
  • We’re happy to work with you in creating a very bespoke beautiful bunch of flowers that is just perfect for your special birthday recipient.

We’d love to hear from you and help make your birthday gift perfect with flowers.

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